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Short things can sometimes be overlooked, but mini pickleball is one exception to the rule. As of Monday, October 31st, YouFit is proud to announce the launch of mini pickleball courts at our Dania-Compass Way, Margate-State Road, and Miami-24th locations. The mini pickleball court is still 44-feet long, but only runs 10-feet wide on both sides (as opposed to the regulation pickleball width of 20 feet). The net height and each respective “kitchen” remains the same, but this friendly alternative doesn’t require as much running and space to be covered when hurrying to quickly return a serve.

About Mini Pickleball

Mini pickleball is a great option for older players with joint damage, or those members who are dealing with joint & hip injuries. With less space required to run across the court, the sport is much less taxing on your body, and doesn’t require your reflexes to be nearly as quick. Don’t be fooled… mini pickleball is still no joke, and gives players similar benefits to our full courts (on a slightly smaller scale). Mini pickleball is fantastic for beginner players, and allows you to learn the basics of the game until you feel comfortable playing the full length of the standard regulation space.

We spoke to Pickleball Instructor Marcos Ritter regarding the launch of mini-pickleball, and some of his favorites aspects of the game overall. “The size of the mini pickleball courts allows you to focus more on your short game, while you’re you are training to play on a full size court,” Ritter noted.

He shared, “Pickleball is a sport that allows all ages to compete competitively. A grandfather and his grandson can play competitively. A grandmother and her granddaughter can play competitively. One of the greatest benefits is that the sport transcends gender and age. It is easy to learn how to play pickleball. You don’t need any athletic background to totally enjoy it. The games are short, and it very quickly becomes a social outlet for many players.”

If you live under a rock and haven’t already heard about the incredible benefits pickleball provides, mini-pickleball guarantees the same advantages, and is sure to spice up your current fitness routine. Ready to join the action and see what all the fuss is about? We gathered our top 5 pickleball benefits to help educated and inspire you well-before your first serve.

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5 Benefits of Playing Pickleball

#1 – Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Getting off the couch and staying active is incredibly important, especially as we enter our older age. Recent studies have proven that playing pickleball one-hour, three days a week for six weeks improved their blood pressure, cholesterol, and cardiorespiratory levels. Many families and senior groups have added pickleball to their weekly routine, and have joined local clubs to stay engaged with this addictive sport.

#2 – Minimize Depression & Other Mental Health Illness

Working out constantly proves to be a major endorphin release, and has been discovered to increase your overall mood. Starting a routine that is consistent will keep you engaged and will help youfall into a pattern of positivity. Everyday life can be stressful, and everyone needs a little relief and physical activity to keep sane.

#3 – Stay Active and Jumpstart Your Existing Routine

Doing the same thing at the gym day-in and day-out gets exhausting, and we know it can be hard to find the motivation to get out there and get moving. Adding a sport like pickleball helps spice up your typical lifting/cardio routine, and adds variety to your schedule. Many players have found that pickleball has given fitness newbies an entryway to working out, and helped them start their own regiment. People are more inclined to stay active when having fun and – let’s face it – pickleball is much more stimulating than running on the treadmill.

#4 – Make a New Group of Friends

Pickleball is the fastest-growing racket sport in the country – and, there’s a reason for all the positive buzz. Many cities and townships offer weekly pickleball clubs, and many seniors stay active as part of a competitive pickleball league. It’s a great social outlet, and a rousing round of doubles gives you a teammate to depend on for your success. These friendships can grow off-the-court, and who knows…maybe you’ll even find our post-pickleball brunch buddy!

#5 – Improve Eye-Hand Coordination & Flexibility

Adults who play pickleball may improve their reflexes and balance, and can help you live independently for longer. As you get older, you tend to gradually lose range of motion, and pickleball will allow your joints to stay loose and limber. Yielding a surprising amount of strategy and hand-eye coordination, plotting your next return and serve to your opponent requires a lot of mental (and physical!) endurance.

At YouFit, we are constantly striving to bring our members affordable and innovative ways to make fitness fun. With the launch of mini-pickleball, we hope you find your latest fitness obsession (and a new sense of community) at YouFit Gyms. Happy people play pickleball, and after your first game…we promise, you’ll be hooked and ready to come back for more.

For a complete list of our gyms that have mini and full-sized pickleball courts, click here.

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