6 Benefits of SilverSneakers

benefits of silversneakers

Have you heard of SilverSneakers? It’s a fitness program designed specifically for adults 65 and older. Every routine and move is created for the needs of seniors including strength training, balance work, stamina and flexibility exercises. That’s important because physical activity can help seniors reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke to a similar level as active younger people, slowing the decline in body function. Seniors in the best physical condition tend to also have the best mental health. No wonder it’s such a popular program! We’ve got six benefits of SilverSneakers that make the program particularly special for seniors: 

Live fitness classes in gyms.

Professional instructors lead fun classes, answer questions and offer corrections to keep you safe. And this matters! Regular physical activity keeps your brain, heart, bones, muscles and joints healthy at any age. If you have a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, or osteoporosis, safe exercise can help.

Access to live classes online plus an enormous catalog of on-demand videos.

While exercise is an outstanding way to improve or maintain health for seniors, physically getting to a gym can be a challenge. That’s where working out from home during live online classes, or choosing from the on-demand catalog becomes a game changer. Click, play, and move from anywhere.

Entry to thousands of gyms across the country.

SilverSneakers is accepted at many gyms across the country, including all YouFit Gyms. That means access to tons of equipment as well as specialized group classes. SilverSneakers classes use hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a ball for resistance training for a fun and social workout.

A free app that brings it all together.

SilverSneakers GO gives seniors fitness programs on the go. You can track and schedule activities, find locations, and get your member ID instead of printing out a card. Just bring your phone and you’re set.

Finding a fun and friendly crowd.

There’s no better way to meet new people who also want to live an active lifestyle. Having friends at the gym can help you stay strong in body, mind, and spirit. Plus, staying social is vital to good health.

It might be free!

If you have SilverSneakers included in your Medicare Advantage Plan, you get all of the location access, SilverSneakers classes, on-demand videos, and perks of membership at no additional cost.

Don’t let aches and pains take away your physical mobility. Take charge of your health by looking into SilverSneakers to see if it’s right for you. 

Meet YouFit’s SilverSneakers members:

benefits of silversneakers

Nena S. – YouFit Gyms & SilverSneakers Member

Nena started coming to SilverSneakers in a wheelchair and her doctor said she wouldn’t be able to walk again. With SilverSneakers Nena got stronger and stronger. She went from a wheelchair, to a walker, to using a cane, and now she can walk on her own!

benefits of silversneakers

Deborah H. – YouFit Gyms & SilverSneakers Member

Deborah and her husband both joined when YouFit opened at Boynton participating in a variety of classes, like SilverSneakers and Zumba. Even with her husband’s health declining (he has dementia), they were religiously at the gym and always matching each other and dressing for every holiday. After Covid, her husband’s health continued to worsen and he was not able to come back. Deborah remained consistent and continued her workouts. In addition to SilverSneakers, Deborah began taking cycle classes and has become a regular. Deborah says the main thing for her is the gym is her stress reliever and she looks forward to her classes.

benefits of silversneakers

Beverly A. – YouFit Gyms & SilverSneakers Member

After Beverly’s knee replacement, she couldn’t walk well but still came to class and tried her best. She built up her endurance and strength, she can walk and has lost weight.

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benefits of silversneakers

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