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Small group training with a certified personal trainer

A HIIT+ workout involves a 5-station circuit to help you achieve a full-body workout and includes a warmup and cool down. Classes are offered in 30-minute and 50-minute formats. We guarantee you’ll feel your HIIT+ workout the next day and will want to come back for more!

Benefits of HIIT+ small group training:


Burn lots of calories in a short amount of time

Increase heart rate to
80-90% of your maximum capacity

Improve cardiovascular health, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure

HIIT+ is one of the many perks of a YouFit Gyms’ Premium+ Membership. For questions, contact the front desk of your local gym.


Personalized fitness training that gets you results

Affordable personal training starting at $35

No matter your fitness level, YouFit Gyms offers affordable personal training to create a personalized fitness plan to help you reach your goals. Whether 1:1 or in a small group personal training setting, our trainers provide motivation, accountability, and education.

Some benefits of personal training include:

Certified Personal Trainer

Having a certified personal trainer listen to what you want to achieve on your fitness journey and receive a customized workout routine to get you there.

Proper Form

Instruction by your certified personal trainer on the proper way to perform exercises including using weights, dumbbells, and other gym equipment to help you achieve those fitness goals.

App integration

Being able to connect with your personal trainer on the YouFit Gyms App and train at home anytime.

Personal Training FAQs

This can depend on your goals, availability, and budget. We recommend having a personal training session at least once a week and encourage you to work out using your personalized training program on other days.

Scheduling your personal training sessions depends on when it is most convenient for you and your trainer. We recommend scheduling it for a time when you’re least likely to cancel. You can also connect with your trainer on the YouFitGyms App and train at home anytime.

Your personal training plan is individualized to you! During a session, your trainer will guide you through exercise routines that are specifically created based on your fitness level, health status, etc., to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Each session is 30 minutes, enough time to get an excellent workout. However, if you’d like a more intense workout session, you may train for an hour by scheduling back-to-back personal training sessions.

Unfortunately, they do not. However, YouFit Gyms has an in-house partnership with EatLove so we can provide you with a personalized eating program about the right foods to eat to support your workout efforts. You can even consult with nutritionists, get recipes, shopping lists, restaurant recommendations and more!

Unfortunately, physical results often depend on your current fitness level, how hard and frequently you work out, and your fitness goals.

However, we know you will you’ll start to feel the benefits of increased energy and reduced stress levels right away!

Our personal trainers are professionals with a degree in an exercise-science-related field, various personal training certifications, and years of experience. They are all very friendly and will give you all the support you need on your fitness journey!

Get 3 Days Free!

Take all the classes. Use all the equipment. First time guests can enjoy any YouFit gym for 3 full days, all for free.

Get 3 Days Free!

Take all the classes. Use all the equipment. First time guests can enjoy any YouFit gym for 3 full days, all for free.

Affordable Personal Training Starting at $35

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