Fit Won’t Quit Check-In Challenge

Fit Won't Quit Check-in Challenge

What would it take to change your body–and your life–for real?

YouFit’s new 90-day challenge aims to reinvent the gym experience with more change, more fun and more success! YouFit is taking a 360 approach to wellness with a challenge that offers fitness, nutrition, and motivational support led by our expert personal trainers, our partners at EatLove, and wellness and mindset coach Petra Kolber. The challenge starts September 1st. 

Have you ever started working out, only to lose momentum before reaching your goals? Are your expensive gym shoes feeling lonely in the back of your closet? Are you tired of feeling tired? 

If you said “yes” to any of these questions, the “Fit Won’t Quit” 90-Day Check-in challenge can help! 

What is the Fit Won’t Quit Check-In Challenge?

The Challenge – if you choose to accept it – is to check-in 3x a week for a workout at your local YouFit every week from September 1st – November 30th. That’s a total of 90 days! The reward? A custom YouFit Fit Won’t Quit T-Shirt, plus the added benefits of 90 days of consistency. (Sign ups start on August 1. Join now!)

Here’s what you’ll get! 


This is what makes the challenge different from the rest! All participants gain immediate access to:

  • HIIT+ – YouFit’s signature small group training class led by a personal trainer! These high-intensity interval training classes top out at 10 members to give you the personal attention you need. Plus, there will be a special Fit Won’t Quit HIIT+ class on Mondays to jump-start your week.

Nutritional support and a customized nutrition plan through our cutting-edge EatLove app.Live Q&A webinar series with top wellness coach, Petra Kolber – EXCLUSIVE to Fit Won’t Quit participants. 24/7 access to top workouts with YouFit On Demand, which you can do at the gym! 


Check in at least 3x a week during the challenge and you’ll automatically win a limited edition T-shirt. You’ll also be entered to win major prizes, like a free month of personal training and more!


The best way to achieve your goals, experts say, is to stop trying to do it alone. That’s because there’s an incentive in spending time with friends who enjoy the same activities and hold each other accountable. When you register for the “Fit Won’t Quit” challenge, you join hundreds of members who all have something in common: they want to feel their best, look their best and be their best, just like you. Together you’ll enjoy exclusive workouts, get tons of motivational support, learn more about yourself with journal prompts available ONLY to member participants and so. Much. More. 

Here’s How You Sign Up:

  • If you’re a Premium+ member, you’re already in! No additional fees. But make sure to register, so we can track your check-ins and send you a T-shirt. Register here! 
  • All Basic and Premium members can get in on the challenge for only $1 a day. Click here to upgrade your membership.
  • Not a member yet? You can participate too, just by signing up for the same $1 a day for the first 90 days of your YouFit membership. Sign up here

Here’s When It Starts:

August 1 – 31 – Register for the Fit Won’t Quit challenge. 

Members and guests can join at this time, plus be on the lookout for YouFit open house dates in August!

September 1 – The Fit Won’t Quit challenge begins! 

All Premium+ members are automatically entered into the challenge. 

Every Monday throughout the challenge

All participants receive access to exclusive HIIT+ classes, signature workouts and more.

November 31 – The Fit Won’t Quit challenge ends.

Your body, your energy level and your emotional health will have never felt so good! After spending 90 days giving yourself the gift of strength, flexibility and endurance, you’re on your way to a lifetime of being your best self. 

Now’s the time to ask yourself…

“What can I do in 90 days? “

Lose fat? Get stronger and build muscle? Create lasting habits? Make myself proud by sticking to a routine? Become the best version of myself? 

Yes! These are the possibilities that come with 90 days of consistency and Team YouFit Gyms by your side. Join the Fit Won’t Quit Challenge with a friend for extra accountability.


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