Small Group Training Is Just Better

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Group fitness classes are great, but the benefits of small group training are even better. Whether you need High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to lose weight, or you want to start strength training to build muscles, consider small group personal training. Small group training benefits are the best of both worlds – you get the benefits of personal training and group fitness classes. Before we continue to the benefits of small group training, let’s answer some basic questions first. 

What Is Small Group Training?

Small group training is a type of group workout consisting of 3 to 10 participants. It involves a personal trainer working with a few people to achieve a specific fitness goal. When you join a small group fitness training, you’re essentially paying for a personal trainer, but splitting the cost with other participants. 

Small Group Training at YouFit Gyms

Is Small Group Training Different from Group Fitness Classes?

Yes, small group training is different from a group fitness class. Sure it also involves a group of people working out with one personal trainer, but the number of participants is fewer. While small group training involves ten participants at most, a group fitness class can have up to 40 people. 

Also, small group training workouts are tailored to each participant’s fitness level and goals. For instance, a small group training may be tailored to a group of four people looking to specifically lose belly fat. This is different from a group fitness class to help people stay fit or, say, a spin class for weight loss. 

Furthermore, unlike the instructor-style program of group fitness classes, personal trainers in small group training engage more with the participants. They don’t just demonstrate in front of the class; they assist each participant to ensure they do the workouts right and achieve their goals. 

Lastly, you can get a variety of fitness training in small group personal training, including aerobic, strength, core, balance and flexibility training. On the other hand, group fitness classes mainly provide aerobic workout training. 


The Benefits of Small Group Training

Here are the top 5 small group training benefits you’ll enjoy if you join a group training at YouFit Gyms. 

Get personal attention

While you can seek the attention of a personal trainer walking the gym floor when training by yourself, or that of the instructor in a group fitness class, small group training offers more personal attention. 

In our small group training, you’d get as much personal attention as you would in a one-on-one personal training. This means that the personal trainer will guide you, check your execution, and correct your form. 

Achieve your fitness goal fast

With a personal trainer guiding each participant in a small group training, you’ll achieve your fitness goal faster than you would on your own, or even in a group fitness class. You will be pushed hard enough to perform your workouts. 

Furthermore, our small group training follows a fitness plan tailored to each participant’s fitness level. Your training sessions will also be logged, and necessary changes will be made to your fitness plan as you progress to enable you to achieve your goals faster.

Feel engaged and motivated

Small group training workouts are more fun than exercising on your own. And, it’s not too crowded that you would feel disengaged. The number of participants is just enough for you to connect with and support each other. 

Also, seeing other participants pushing to achieve the same goal will motivate you to work out harder. In fact, this study reported an increase in workout performance among group workout participants due to the Köhler effect (i.e., not wanting to be the weakest link in a group).

Be more committed to your goals

When you’re a member of small group training, you’ll be committed to showing up for every scheduled training. No one wants to look unserious. And, you wouldn’t want to waste the sum you paid to join the group. 

Also, the support and connection with the trainer and other participants will hold you accountable. If you miss a session, your trainer or buddy in the group will check in on you, encouraging you to stay consistent. 

Pay less for personal training

Small group training is cost-effective. It offers the benefits of personal training at a more affordable price. True, it’s more expensive than a gym membership or joining a group fitness class. But, it’s worth it in the long run as you’ll get results faster. 

Also, some gyms like YouFit Gyms offer small group training and group fitness classes as part of their Premium+ membership. So, you can join a small group training class to achieve your fitness goals at no extra cost.   

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with A Personal Trainer at a Lower Cost

Joining a small group training is the most cost-effective way to achieve your fitness goals fast. You get a personal trainer at a lower cost and enjoy the benefits of working out in a group. However, your trainer must be able to provide effective training that would yield results. 

Small means small at YouFit Gyms. So, our small group training won’t exceed 10 people per class. Also, our trainers are experienced at delivering small group personal training, and will ensure every participant achieves their goals. 

Interested in enjoying the benefits of small group training? Sign up for a 3 Day Free Pass at YouFit Gyms and enjoy small group training for 3 consecutive days at zero cost. Visit to sign up!


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