YouFit Gyms’ Company Culture & Why It Matters


Company culture… Let’s just say to talk the talk, you must walk the walk. And when it comes to setting the benchmark for professionalism, success comes through actions–not just words. After all, everyone deserves to work in a safe environment alongside people who share a commitment to excellence and a desire to better themselves and others. 

YouFit Gyms’ company culture creates exactly that by prioritizing principles like inclusivity, diversity, empathy, and flexibility. From how we search for talent to how we support local communities to how we train and develop team members, we’re dedicated to doing things differently than everyone else. 

What makes being part of the YouFit Family so special? Read more to learn about what we stand for, and more importantly, why we care about maintaining such strong standards for each and every person who’s part of our company. 

Company Culture: What is YouFit All About? 

Winning organizations establish and uphold accountability standards, set and achieve impactful goals, and attract and retain top talent. It requires an “all-for-one, one-for-all” mentality to make that happen–starting from the top. 

From our CEO to our General Managers to our maintenance crew, everyone within the YouFit family contributes in a meaningful way. Whether that means leading a meeting of C-suite executives, creating a training program for a client, or taking a prospective member on a tour of one of our renovated facilities, each person makes a marked impact on a daily basis. 

While we certainly face challenges along the way, our mission is to develop confident, empowered employees who feel respected and valued. But how exactly do we put that into practice? 

YouFit Gyms company culture places a heavy emphasis on a few simple concepts that help foster a supportive workplace, including:


We all come in different shapes and sizes. We all have different life experiences and backstories. And we all have different skill sets and mindsets. Those differences unite us, as it takes a collective effort from people who bring various abilities to the table. 

We care about creating an inclusive company culture that allows everyone to be their authentic selves. We value having employees who come from all parts of the world and strive to hire candidates with unique characteristics. And we listen to the concerns of each and every person who’s part of our ever-growing YouFit family. 

After all, nobody’s perfect. But the journey to becoming the best version of yourself must include room for growth and understanding. 


Step inside any YouFit location and you’ll see people from all walks of life working out. Take a peak behind the corporate curtain and you’ll also see we have a diverse team made up of motivated individuals. 

Our inclusive recruiting program has enabled us to expand our reach and build a divergent team we can be proud of. Keeping diversity at the forefront of our company culture also helps the ongoing effort to break down bias barriers and encourage thoughtful conversations that celebrate our differences. 

Meet our IDEA Team 

Founded in June of 2020, our IDEA Task Force was created with a clear purpose in mind: to ensure all voices are heard. At YouFit Gyms, we take a firm stance against biases and systemic inequalities, and we’re proud to have a four-pillar diversity and inclusion program that raises the bar for everyone in our company. 

I.D.E.A. represents Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, and Awareness–all of which are critical to building trust, respect, and understanding as humans. Whether it’s offering mentorship and training programs, spending time at local schools and community organizations, or designing a marketing campaign for #WomensEmpowermentMonth, we believe everyone fits in at YouFit, and we all deserve to be treated with an equal amount of respect and dignity. 

Our IDEA Team ensures we are heading in the right direction by inviting everyone to participate, interact, and contribute to a universal cause. We’re just a few years into the program’s existence, and its early impact has only made our commitment to establish and maintain a diverse and equitable community for our team members even stronger. 

YouFit’s Core Values and Beliefs

You can’t build a home without a foundation. At YouFit, we’ve established a succinct set of core values that we all aim to embody on a daily basis. 

What do we stand for? This is what matters to us–and why. 


You have to put your heart into what you do to make it truly count. We demonstrate passion, authenticity, and humility through our actions and words in order to show respect for everyone on our team. 


We don’t settle. We don’t lose focus. And we don’t lose motivation. We set the bar high for ourselves and those around us by maintaining a consistent approach to continuous improvement. 

Discipline is the key to conquering your short- and long-term goals–whether it’s in the gym or in the workplace. 


Clients may cancel. Equipment may break. How we respond to the unexpected shows how much resolve we have in the face of adversity. We want flexible employees who are solution-seekers and problem-solvers. 


There’s strength in numbers. Working in unison to achieve a shared goal requires a relentless work ethic and an unbreakable mindset. That strong bond within our company makes the taste of victory even sweeter. 


Just like our coaches hold their clients accountable, we set a high bar for our team members. As much as we like to celebrate wins and take pride in our accomplishments, we’re fiercely determined to keep our standards high, own our mistakes, and learn from them. 


#TrustTheProcess is a moniker we live by. We’re committed to improving and innovating as a company, and we’re equally committed to inspiring others to unlock their full potential. 

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