Ways To Work Out With A Friend At The Gym

Considering working out with a friend at the gym? Great idea. You two can stay fit together and get matching six-packs (or not). And, you won’t have to go through the hard work alone. What are friends for, right? In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to work out with a friend at the gym.

friends working out at the gym
friends working out at the gym

First, The Benefits of Working Out With A Friend At The Gym

Whether you’re working with your best friend or a buddy you just met at the gym, working out with a friend offers several benefits, some of which we’ve outlined below.

·       No Skipping The Gym

Skipped going to the gym for days for whatever reason? Not going to happen when you work out with a friend at the gym. Canceling a gym session is more difficult when you’ve made plans to do it with a friend.

No one wants to be a slacker, so you’ll show up (most of the time). In fact, this study in the Journal of Health Psychology found that working out with a companion increases exercise frequency.

·       Motivation To Work Harder

Working out with a friend will motivate you to work harder to achieve your fitness goal. You’ll push each other to run an extra mile on the treadmill, do an extra set of push up, or try a new workout routine. What’s more, a little bit of friendly competition between you will keep you on track.

·       Working Out Will Be More Fun

Going to the gym alone can be lonely, especially if you’re shy to interact with other gym members. And, exercising on some equipment like the treadmill or elliptical can get boring. But, when you work out with a friend, you can perform more exciting partner-centered workouts. Not to mention the banter in between weight lifts and squats.

3 Ways To Workout With Your Friend At The Gym

When most people think of working out with a friend at the gym, they imagine doing exercises together. But, it isn’t necessarily so when working out at the gym. Here are three ways to work out with your friend at the gym.

1.     Being Exercise Partners

This involves performing exercises together, and it’s the best way to work out with a friend at the gym. You’re not only committed to showing up, but you’re motivated to work out harder. There are several partner exercises you can do together, which you’ll find later in this article.

2.    Just Going To The Gym

You can work out with your friend at the gym without necessarily being exercise partners. You simply commit to going to the gym together but do separate exercise routines. This works perfectly if you and your friend are on different fitness levels.

3.    Attending Group Fitness Classes

Another way to work out with a friend at the gym is to attend group fitness classes together. You can sign up for group workouts such as spin sessions and Zumba and yoga classes. Having a friend beside you will make you feel less intimidated working out in a group.

Tips To Workout With A Friend At The Gym

One crucial tip for working out with a friend at the gym is ensuring you enjoy each other’s company as you’ll be spending a considerate amount of time together. Below are some other tips to help you work out with a friend successfully.

·       Have the same fitness goals

Before choosing a friend to work out with at the gym, make sure your fitness goals align. For instance, you can’t be working out to lose weight, and your friend is working out to bulk up. Then, you would have to perform different workout routines.

·       Be on a similar fitness level

When you want to work out with a friend at the gym, choose a friend with the same fitness level or slightly close fitness level. This will enable you to grow together and motivate each other to meet your fitness goals.

Also, it prevents intimidation. For instance, if you can barely do ten pushups and your friend can do a 100 without panting, you’re likely to feel intimated (and probably quit). Or, you may push yourself to measure up to their level when you’re not ready and get injured.

·       Set a workout schedule

Set a schedule that works for both of you. Can you both make it to the gym at 6 a.m., or would you rather meet up after work? Would you work out together every day, or on specific days of the week?

One way to make scheduling easier is to work out with a friend with a similar life-work schedule. Nevertheless, be flexible with the schedule. Leave room for unforeseen circumstances. Life happens.

·       Create a workout routine

Decide on the exercises to include in your workout routine together. Incorporate partner-centered routines into your workout as much as possible to make it more engaging. And, don’t forget to set goals and milestones for your workout to track your progress.

3 Fun Partner Workouts To Try In The Gym

Ready to work out with a friend at the gym? Here are three fun partner exercises to include in your routine when working out with your friend.

friends planking
friends planking

1.     Partner Workout With Resistance Band

The resistance band is a versatile piece of equipment you can use to perform different exercises with your partner. This includes squat jumps and chest press, and some may require multiple resistance bands.

Resistance Band Chest Press

  • Stand in front of your partner with one foot forward (like you’re taking a step).
  • Have your partner loop a resistance band loosely around your chest and upper arms.
  • With both ends of the loops in each hand, your partner should step back until it’s taut.
  • Next, raise your hands by your side, with your elbows at 90 degrees. This is the starting position.
  • Then, push your body forward and extend your arms forward too.
  • Return to the starting position, and repeat up to ten times before switching positions.

2.    Partner Workout With Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be used to perform exercises such as sit-up pass, lunge and pass, and squat with a rotational pass with your partner. Alternatively, you can use a kettlebell, dumbbell, or stability ball.

Squat With Rotational Pass

  • Stand back to back with your partner and drop into a low squat position.
  • Hold the medicine ball to your chest and rotate your upper torso to the right and pass the ball to your partner, who rotates left.
  • Your partner then rotates their upper torso to the left, and you rotate right to collect the ball.
  • Repeat the sequence up to ten times and then change positions.

3.    Partner Workout Without Equipment

You can perform partner exercises without equipment, such as the reach and touch plank, wheelbarrow pushups with squats, and partner leg lifts.

Reach and Touch Plank

  • You and your partner should get into a high plank position, facing each other.
  • Both of you should lift one of your hands and touch each other’s shoulders. Alternatively, you can clap your palms together and exchange a high five.
  • Return the hand to the floor and repeat the touch with the second hand. Alternate until you complete up to ten reps.

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