Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Best Fitness Gifts for 2022

best fitness gifts of 2022

Every fitness loving friend or family member is going to be thrilled with these best fitness gifts for 2022. From tech gadgets to luxury recovery products to pamper those freshly flexed muscles, you’ll find everything you need – and they’ll love – right here. 

Beast Blender & Hydration System

$195 Amazon

There’s nothing beastly about the sleek vibes of this grab-and-go blender that CNET says “looks and feels like the sort of blender you might expect if Apple started creating countertop appliances.” Morning smoothies are just a button away and your water bottle just got a major upgrade: just fill the infuser with fruit, herbs, ginger or the flavor of your choice.

Soft Recovery Slides

$60 Amazon

Is there anything worse than slogging out of the gym in sweaty shoes? Here comes the Mr. Rogers moment we all need: trade your stinky post-workout sneaks for a soft and squishy set of slides to float out the locker room door, and back home again. With more than 18,000 positive reviews, you’ll thank us.


Gaiam Ultimate Balance Ball Chair

$99 Amazon

For the multitasker on your list, this balance ball chair is an upgrade to a plain ball, offering a little more professionalism and a lot more stability.

Full Face Sculpt Kit: 14-Day Challenge

$75 Sephora

A mini but mighty four-piece kit to visibly lift, sculpt, and brighten your skin. Users swear by the vegan products, making skin feel refreshed and hydrated, including this writer for The NY Post: “Did my face shape drastically change and I’m now a skincare model? No. But, did it make my skin feel less puffy and seem brighter? For sure, plus I do see a slight difference in my chin and cheekbone definition. Even more so, while doing the workouts I really felt the lymphatic drainage, which made me feel less congested throughout the day and especially before bed.”

Oura Ring Gen3


Move over, smartwatch. This gorgeous ring offers heart-rate monitoring, skin temp readings to detect sickness or predict an upcoming period, plus in-depth sleep analysis and more. Jennifer Aniston loves hers and we can see why.

deep tissue roller

Deep Tissue Roller

$33 Amazon

With more than 30,000 positive reviews, this roller is an excellent recovery tool for easing body pain and stretching strained muscles. Athletes of all ranges enjoy equally increased blood flow, while lactic acid is flushed away. 

Wooden Fitness Dice

$17 Amazon

Need some workout inspo? Roll these seven wooden dice to come up with thousands of exercise routines including cardio, back, arms, legs and more. No equipment needed, just a handful of dice. 

acupressure mat

Prosource Acupressure Mat 

$30 Amazon

Using acupressure, the athlete on your list will receive an at-home treatment activating more than 6,000 pressure points, all designed to reduce pain and increase circulation. This mat has racked up an incredible 43,000 positive reviews on Amazon, and here’s how a writer at describes the experience: “It isn’t comfortable or relaxing in the moment. Let me tell you. It’ll feel like you are lying on a bed of needles. But after a few minutes, the hot fire of pain starts to dull and your brain stops focusing on your to-do list. I’m not good at meditating, but I’d say this mat puts me in a meditative state for a few minutes. When I sit up, I can feel how much tension has dissolved and my back and neck no longer feel stiff.”  

Grippers Socks by Bombas

$65/pack of 4 Bombas

Who doesn’t love a little luxury for their feet? Bombas Grippers have a cult following and this is why: you’ll never find a more comfortable pair of socks. This particular style features grippers ideal for barre, yoga, and pilates classes. 

self cleaning water bottle

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

>$118 Amazon

Not everyone who makes it to the gym has time for washing out their water bottle that’s in constant use. Here comes the LARQ bottle with UV light to clean itself! Bye bye germs and bacteria. Hello, hydration. 


Theragun Massage Gun

$375 Amazon

USA Today calls it “the best massage gun we’ve ever tried,” and that’s how the newest Theragun massager made our list. Not only does it provide deep muscle relaxation and pain relief, but users swear by the upgraded ergonomic handle for maximum comfort. 


Scented Epsom Salts

$14 Amazon

In comforting scents of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary, users swear by these epsom salts for soothing sore muscles while also creating silky smooth skin at the same time.

Recycled Computer-Gym Bag

$249 TimBuk2

Commuting from the office to the gym just got a lot more elegant, and eco-friendly. With all the right pockets in all the right places, everything from your laptop to keys, small electronics and your sneakers all have a stylish (and waterproof) home. Plus, every bag is designed to last a lifetime but if it fails along the way, replacement parts and even recycling programs are available.

cooling towels

Cooling Towel

$16 Amazon

This set of hyper-absorbent towels work hard to wick sweat and moisture, wash easily, and do it all over again

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