Best Exercises for Weight Loss


We all know that exercise can help accelerate weight loss, so which exercises should you be doing to help get results?  Let’s explore the options so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

Before we dive in, let’s start with some basic principles: 

You can never out-exercise a poor diet. 

Proper nutrition is key to weight loss!  If you could use some support, check out EatLove. It’s a meal planning app that helps take the guesswork out of what you should eat to lose weight.

When it comes to exercise, the best exercises for weight loss will always be the ones you can do on a long-term, consistent basis. 

So, make sure you’re getting involved in exercises that are enjoyable, safe, and appropriate for your level of physical fitness.  Check with your doctor first to be sure!

4 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Since there are so many kinds of exercise, which ones will be the most effective?  Here’s a breakdown of the 4 best exercises for weight loss…


The awesome part about walking is that it is so accessible.  Walking can be done anywhere with a pair of good walking shoes.  Since you don’t need any special equipment or a gym membership to go walking – cost isn’t a barrier like some other forms of exercise.

Also, walking is the safest form of exercise there is.  It’s easy on the joints and you can modify your pace based on your fitness level.  

Exercise already has the benefit of lifting your mood and alleviating stress; however, walking outdoors or with friends can add an additional way to feel good with exercise.  This helps you stick with the routine and can help you go a little further and longer to burn those extra calories.

You can walk based on time or distance, but a moderate pace will help you burn more calories no matter how far or long you walk.  The calories you burn will depend on how much you weigh, your walking pace, and the distance you cover.  For an exact amount – use an activity tracker during exercise.

Strength Training

Strength training helps with weight loss primarily by building muscle, which increases your metabolism.  Your RMR – resting metabolic rate – is the number of calories you burn on a day at rest.  Muscle is a metabolically demanding tissue, which means it takes energy to maintain.  

And if you’re not actively building muscle, you’re losing it at a rate of 3-5% each decade after the age of 30. Strength training is the only way to build muscle.   

When strength training, the benefits for weight loss come over time as you build muscle and increase your RMR.  The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest, when you move, and during exercise.  

Strength training may not be easily accessible for everyone.  Weightlifting equipment is needed to build muscle past the initial stages of training.  Also, proper technique is required for strength training to be done safely and effectively.  

If you’re interested in incorporating strength training for weight loss, then contact your local YouFit gym to be connected with a personal trainer to help get you started!

Interval Training

Interval training can be done with many forms of exercise such as sprinting, rowing, and cycling.  The great thing about interval training is you can pick something you enjoy doing and add various intensities with a timing sequence for the ultimate calorie burn.

Interval training is about varying the intensity of the workout throughout the duration of the session.  There are lots of ways to do this, but there should be various interval modes that include high-intensity, moderate intensity, and a recovery or rest mode.  The goal behind this style of training is to spend short periods of time in a high-intensity zone and then allow the heart rate to recover with a less intense or recovery mode.

This style of training allows you to work harder than you normally would because the bouts of high intensity are shorter.  When this type of workout is programmed correctly, not only will you burn a lot of calories during the session, but you will also burn calories recovering from the workout.  This after-burn effect is called EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), and it requires calories to help the body return to its resting state.  

With this level of intensity, Interval Training may not be the best place to start for someone who’s just getting into exercise.  Also, if you don’t have access to cardio equipment, you won’t have as many options for interval training.  Check out a YouFit gym near you for a selection of cardio machines and Cycle classes with helpful staff to get you started!

If interval training is the right form of exercise for you – there’s no doubt you’ll be getting into one of the best exercises for fat loss!

Metabolic Resistance Training

It’s tough to beat the benefits of Metabolic Resistance Training (also known as MRT) when it comes to weight loss.  MRT combines the benefits of both Interval Training and Strength Training in one.  

MRT is the use of weights, bands, bodyweight exercises and other exercise equipment as resistance, paired with the benefits of interval training.  Having the resistance of equipment or bodyweight exercises helps maintain the muscle mass you have by simulating the effect of strength training.

The utilization of timing sequences where there is a period of work (high intensity), and rest or some kind of active recovery (low to moderate intensity) contributes to a high calorie burn.  This combination of variables allows you burn a lot of calories in a short period of time.

Plus, for anyone who is interested in building and keeping muscle with weight loss – this is a great way to burn extra calories without losing precious muscle tissue.  Having a higher metabolism that burns more calories at rest and in motion is a huge help when it comes to weight loss.

If you’re interested in MRT – check out YouFit’s HIIT + Small Group Training to experience this type of training.  

Like interval training – this isn’t a great option if you’re brand new to exercise due to the level of intensity.  However, YouFit’s HIIT + Small Group Training is led by a personal trainer who can help you modify any exercise – even if you’re a beginner!    

No matter what you choose – make sure it’s something you enjoy and that you can stick with long-term.  It’s not one great workout that will help with weight loss, but the one that can be done consistently, that will help deliver the best results.

And it’s clear there’s many fun and challenging options that may work for you!  If you’re unsure of where to start, check out a YouFit gym near you to try out a wide selection of fitness classes and training options.  Their friendly staff will point you in the right direction to choose the best exercise for your weight loss journey.  

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