15 Ways to Make Your Workouts More Fun

ways to make your workouts more fun

Do you dread going to the gym? Maybe it’s time to spice things up! One study found that up to fifty percent of Americans don’t enjoy working out. If you’re one of them, YouFit Gyms can help with these 15 ways to make your workouts more fun. 

Play games.

Remember your favorite playground activities? Now you can play them again–and get in shape at the same time! YouFit now offers a brand new Playground Fit class, a full-body workout you’ll love featuring all of your childhood favorite games.

Create a playlist.

Make your own set of songs, starting out with a number that makes you want to stretch, then pump up the tempo with feel-good tunes that encourage you to keep going. Create your own, or get started with YouFit’s Spotify playlists or pre-selected playlists like Beast Mode (played more than 9 million times!), Nike Run Club, Yoga Acoustics and more.

YouFit Gyms Official – Amped Up Playlist

Grab a friend.

Did you know that researchers nailed down the number one predictor of getting in shape, and it has nothing to do with dieting? It’s finding a workout buddy! The science shows that having an accountability partner, coupled with the social perks of being around someone you like, produces all the right feel-good hormones to keep you happy, and hooked on the gym. We believe in the power of friendship so much that you can win an all-expense paid trip to the iHeart Music Awards when you refer a friend to YouFit Gyms. Enter now

Get cute.

Spruce up your workout gear with a new top, shorts or pair of kicks to give you something to look forward to.

Reward yourself.

Make a deal that after your workout, your next stop will be somewhere – or something – you really enjoy! The movies, a coffee shop, whatever you like becomes an incentive.


You’ve heard of Zumba, that interval workout set to choreography to get your heart beating while your body’s shakin’. What happens when you add a DJ? That’s right! The party just got more fun at YouFit Gyms everywhere.   

Hydrate in style.

Have you ever seen J-Lo’s water bottle? It’s bedazzled and guess what? It keeps her drinking water! Sometimes one little pick-me-up is exactly what you need to keep things fresh and fun.

Do it when you want.

Half the battle of working out is dragging yourself out the door, but with our new set of Les Mills virtual workouts, you get world-class instruction at your fingertips! From BODYPUMP to BODYBALANCE and more, you have all the control over when to start your workout, and where. Take these classes to the next level with friends, sign up for NEW Les Mills classes at a YouFit near you!

Bring Netflix along.

Yes gyms usually have TV but why not bring your own tablet or smartphone with your favorite shows already cued up?  

Try pickleball, already!

There’s a reason why it’s the fastest growing sport in America. Pickleball is really fun! Picture a tennis court where you hold a ping pong paddle and hit a wiffle ball. The accessibility of all these updates makes pickleball easy enough for any age or fitness level, and now YouFit offers indoor pickleball at 28 gyms, nationwide.   

Download inspirational apps.

Let your phone bring the boost you need! Apps that offer daily motivational messages like Quo or Motivate bring positivity to you.

Get a new, personalized workout.

Make an appointment with a personal trainer who can develop a custom workout just for you, ready to help you progress from where you’re starting to where you want to go. 

Focus on the outcome.

Picture the way you feel when you’ve worked out. Your body is pleasantly tired, your muscles feel used (in a good way) and you know you’ll sleep better tonight and have more energy tomorrow. 


Do you like stories? Sports? Politics? Murder? There’s never been a better time to listen in. Browse the top charts for shows like This American Life (stories), The Daily (news), Scam Goddess (hilarious hijinx of scammers) and more of the grisliest true crime podcasts than you’d be able to listen to in a lifetime. Pop your earbuds in and get to work.

Set small goals.

“If I can do 10 pushups, I’m good for today.” “This time I’m going to hit 20 minutes on the treadmill.” Set yourself up for success with attainable goals that ask you to stretch but won’t feel impossible to accomplish. That feeling builds on itself and soon you might find yourself craving the feeling of success.

YouFit Gyms are here to help! We want you to not only like working out, but love it. That’s why we offer tons of classes, the best personal trainers, pickleball courts and more. Ask us how we can make your next workout one that you enjoy so much, you’ll come back again. And again.

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