11 Healthy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas


Move over chocolates with your guilty afterglow. Not this year. Head straight back to Willy Wonka’s with yourself because we’re on a new path over here. Nothing says “I love you” more than supporting each other’s goals! We’ve got 11 sweet and healthy Valentine’s Day date ideas to celebrate the ones you love from tables for two to Galentine’s get togethers and family fun for everyone.

Best Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples, families or Galentines

Play a little pickleball.

Has your sweetheart, bestie, or young ones dropped a hint about wanting to try pickleball or asked you to join in their new favorite sport? Pickleball is everywhere now (including 28 YouFit gym locations) and the reason is simple: anyone can play! America’s fastest growing sport is a combination of tennis and ping pong, using a wiffle ball. No matter your age or fitness level, a date on the pickleball court can be enjoyed by everyone. And for a great gift idea, send your Valentine’s these stylish paddles, even made from compostable materials. Bam!

Skate your heart out. 

Hit your local rink for an invigorating evening of ice skating or go retro with roller skating. Both offer a full body workout plus plenty of cardio set to music, and don’t even get us started on what can happen during “Couples Skate”! Find an ice skating or roller skating rink near you to get times and rental info in advance. Do consider wearing helmets and protective padding but don’t even consider feeling self-conscious. It’s time to move and groove for love! 

Take a hike.

Get your blood pumping and take in the majesty only a mountain top can offer. The Hiking Project can help find a great trail near you, along with maps, photos and even ratings from fellow hikers. And hiking pays in healthy dividends like strengthening muscles and bones, boosting balance, improving heart health and lowering risk for respiratory problems. Leave the protein bars at home for this one though. Instead, pack a picnic with juicy berries, a fresh baguette and the creamiest cheese you can find. 

Take a cooking class.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make really good bread, here’s your chance! Wondering how those bakery doughnuts turn out so well every single time? Or how much curry is enough to make that chicken sing, but not so much that everyone’s taste buds leave the room? Get to the bottom of it this February 14th! And yes. We said bread and doughnuts because here’s the scientifically-proven truth: cooking your own fresh food is the best you can do for your body. Any time you ditch processed food (or the delicious but overly salted, sugared and oiled restaurant fare), you’re already on the right path to your healthiest life. Sign up for local classes or cook a masterpiece without leaving the comfort of your own kitchen. Yes, Chef offers online classes taught by some of the world’s most famed chefs. The Chef & the Dish makes online classes fun by teaching classes live instead of pre recorded videos. Cakeflix won’t surprise you because it’s all about creating gorgeous cakes! Baking, decorating, sculpting, and best of all eating. 

Watch the sunset.

Sounds simple but what if you pack a picnic, bundle up and watch Mother Nature show her stuff? And this little adventure isn’t just sweet. Watching the sunset is good for you! The mental health benefits are astounding: increased concern for others, improved well-being and even deeper satisfaction with life. Not bad for a free show.

 Best for couples or galentines

Make it a coffee date.

Get cozy by creating your own coffee bar at home! Set up samplers with a variety of beans to choose from, and maybe a little something for dunking. Fresh fruit, biscotti or cheese go beautifully with a cup of joe. And feel good about it because study after study shows the numerous health benefits of coffee, which is chock full of substances that may help guard against conditions including Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Okay, heart health. We see you and we’re in! 

Call in for takeout. WAY out. 

Scootch over moo-shu pork. For Valentine’s Day, why not kick it up with the help of meal order services that actually prep fresh food for you, so all that’s left to do is heat, serve and enjoy? You’ve probably heard of specialty ingredients from Harry & David and Williams Sonoma but did you know they can create an entire gourmet meal that arrives at your door? Plus speciality shops like Perini Ranch have perfected dishes like their famous beef tenderloin, while multi supply sites like Gold Belly offer everything from gourmet mini cakes in jars (perfect portions!) to wild caught salmon sourced from Seattle’s Pike Place Market

Best for couples

Write love notes. 

Not only will your love have a keepsake forever but writing letters by hand has actual health benefits for you too. Reflecting on your feelings, then being able to communicate those to someone you love, gives you mental clarity plus a sense of accomplishment. For the ultimate love note, choose saucy stationery. But don’t worry if you don’t have time for mail order cards. Any paper will do when the words are sweet enough.

Couples massage.

Splurge on a massage at a spa (or better yet, book one for the week before or after Valentine’s day to avoid crowds). Want something more intimate? Look up a few simple massage techniques on YouTube, and don’t forget to set the mood! Come on, lotions. Candles. Oils. Get in on this action. Whatever combination you use, your sweetheart will not only enjoy the romance of physical touch, but research shows that massage actually reduces stress and increases circulation which in turn melts away muscle soreness and tension. Mmm. 

Soak in the tub.   

Draw a bath for your sweetheart but don’t make it basic. Bust out the candles. Don’t skimp on the bubbles and oils and by all means, call on the healing power of epsom salts, which have major health benefits including reduced inflammation for sore muscles and joints, stress reduction and sweet, sweet sleep. Tip: add two cups to a standard bathtub and more for a larger soaker tub.  

Best for families and Galentines

DIY dance party. 

This Valentine’s Day party starts with a disco light. You won’t believe the impact that a simple little update makes. Off go the overhead lights, and on comes a rotating rainbow of fun. Next, create a playlist on Pandora, or Amazon Music. And know that while you’re having fun you’re also boosting your heart health, reducing stress, increasing flexibility and more. Who knew dancing your heart out was so good for you?

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