The Best Gym Under 10 Dollars

Best Gym Under 10 Dollars

Not to blow our own horns, but the best gym under 10 dollars is YouFit Gyms. You get access to top-of-the-line equipment. The vibe is friendly, so you can work out without feeling pressured. And the space looks amazing in an Insta-selfie. 

So, if you’re looking for the cheapest gym membership that offers all the basic things you need to exercise and stay fit, consider a YouFit Gyms Basic Membership. In this post, you’ll learn why YouFit Gyms is the best gym for under 10 dollars a month. 

First Things To Consider When Joining Any Gym Under $10

So, your fitness budget is cheap, and you can’t afford more than $10. That’s okay. But, before you join that “best gym under 10 dollars” just because it fits your budget, you should consider these things. 

  • What are your fitness goals? Do you want to do cardio to lose weight or resistance training to get stronger? This is something to consider because some gyms may offer you only specific equipment for a $10 membership. 
  • What is your workout environment preference? Do you prefer a crowded gym where you can work out alone, and no one pays attention to you? Or, a place that’s like a community where members support each other to achieve their fitness goals? 
  • How easily can you cancel your gym membership? Is the cancellation process complex or is it as easy as making an official request at the front desk? You don’t want to keep getting charged $10/month years after you stop going to the gym. 

Bottom line? Besides the membership fee, ensure all other boxes are checked before joining a gym under $10. Continue reading to find out if the YouFit Gyms $9.99 Basic Membership fits your needs. 

best gym under 10 dollars
new equipment at YouFit Gyms

Reasons YouFit Gyms Is The Best Gym Under $10 Near You

With 80+ locations across the country, YouFit Gyms is the best gym under 10 dollars near you for several reasons. First, the Basic Membership will give you access to all types of equipment, including free weights, cardio, and resistance machines, for just $9.99/month. No restrictions on any equipment.

So, you can perform all types of exercises, including cardio, strength training, and even Olympic Weightlifting. Moreover, there’s more than enough space and equipment for everyone. You won’t have to hurry through your weight workouts or fight to spend more time doing your ab exercises to get in shape for summer.

Also, you can get help with your workout from the personal trainers walking the floor. They aren’t there for premium members only. The staff is super-friendly, and members support each other to achieve their fitness goals. Plus, you’ll have full locker room access, including clean showers for post-workout baths. 

Lastly,  all charges are outlined upfront, and you can cancel anytime. All you have to do to cancel is submit a cancellation request and your membership will be terminated.  

Wait! Before You Sign Up For A YouFit Gyms Basic Membership 

With all that you get, YouFit Gyms’ $9.99 Basic Membership is the best gym for under 10 dollars. No doubt! However, you may want to consider upgrading to a Premium+ Membership to enjoy more perks. 

While Basic Membership offers everything you need to get a workout in and go home, Premium+ offers a full 360 fitness experience – including access to all locations, an in-house nutrition program, virtual workouts, small group training, and group classes, and free access for a friend every visit.

Nevertheless, if you’re just looking for the best gym under 10 dollars a month to do your workouts, then the basic membership is for you. If you can come to the gym routinely and watch what you eat, you’ll be able to stay fit with the cheapest gym membership. 

Tips To Get The Most Out of A Gym Membership Under $10

Although the cheapest gym membership doesn’t come with many perks, you can get a lot out of it. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the best gym under 10 dollars a month. 

  • Set goalsBefore joining a gym, you must be clear about what you want to achieve. Whether it’s to lose weight, build muscles, or improve your balance, setting your fitness goal will enable you to create a plan to accomplish it.
  • Show upWhether your gym membership costs $500 or you sign up for a $9.99 YouFit Gym Basic Membership, nothing will change if you don’t go to the gym. So, you must show up at the gym and perform the exercises to achieve your fitness goals. Setting a realistic schedule can help. 
  • Create a planYou need to create a workout routine to help you know exactly what exercises to perform at the gym and avoid wasting time. If you have extra in your fitness budget, consider affordable personal training to help you create a routine that suits your fitness level and goals.
  • Be friendlyInteracting with other members will make working out at the gym more fun. In time, you’ll have gym buddies who will motivate and encourage you through your workout. They will also hold you accountable and help you stay consistent.
  • Ask for helpIf you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment or need help checking your form, ensure you ask for help. You can reach out to the personal trainers walking the floor or ask the more experienced members.

TLDR? The Best Gym Under $10

With its $9.99 Basic Membership, YouFit Gyms is the best gym for under 10 dollars a month. When you join, you’ll get access to all the equipment you need for a sweat-breaking workout. You’ll also have full locker room access, get help from the trainers when needed, and be a part of a community that supports each other.

Interested in YouFit Gyms Basic Membership? Get a 3-day free pass to try out the YouFit Gyms near you.

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