Your Gym Starter Kit Including Gym Bag Essentials

So, you’ve finally decided to join a gym. Now you’re wondering what to pack in your gym bag. Do you have to get a heart rate monitor? What would you even wear to the gym? And, what workouts would you do? You need a gym starter kit!

Going to the gym for the first time can be overwhelming. It’s normal to be nervous and confused about the things you need to get started working out in the gym. That’s why we created this gym starter kit, including gym bag essentials, to help you feel confident going to the gym.

In this post, you’ll learn:

  • What to wear to the gym
  • Gym bag essentials to pack
  • Gym workouts to start with
Woman with gym essentials
Woman with gym essentials

What To Wear To The Gym

What you wear to the gym can help you feel more confident and enhance your workout session. But that doesn’t mean you need to make a fashion statement. What’s important is that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to move freely.

Gym Clothes

No, your old college t-shirt and the shorts you used to wear to bed won’t do. Especially if they are made of 100% cotton. The right clothes to wear to the gym are those made of moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics. That is, quick-drying fabrics that allow fresh air to reach your skin.

So, whether you opt for a simple t-shirt and shorts or a tank top and sweatpants/leggings combo, ensure that the fabric is suitable. Gym clothes made with bamboo, spandex, polyester and cotton blends are some of the best. Women would also need a firm moisture-wicking sports bra.

Additionally, your gym clothes should be form-fitting, but not too tight. But, they shouldn’t be too big either, as baggy clothes may get caught in the equipment and cause injury. And lastly, your gym clothes should be in neutral colors.

Gym Shoes

Shoes are not shoes. The cool sneakers you wear to work can’t serve you in the gym as well. Unlike fitness sneakers, they are made for low-impact, light activities. You need sturdy gym shoes that will support your ankles and feet during your workout.

Moreover, make sure you get the right size, so your gym shoes don’t slip off your feet or bite into your toenails when exercising. You also need to wear light compression socks to prevent blisters and chafing.

NB: If you’re not dressing for the gym from home, then you’d have to include items to wear for your workout in your gym bag essentials.

5 Gym Bag Essentials You Must Pack

What you pack in your gym bag is essential for a great workout session. You don’t want to arrive at the gym and realize you forgot something important. Here are five must-have gym bag essentials you need. Newsflash, you can go to the gym without a fitness tracker or smartwatch.

1.     Water Bottle

Staying hydrated when exercising is crucial to powering through your workout session. Even though gyms like YouFit Gyms have a water fountain, a water bottle is a gym bag essential. Going back and forth to the fountain would only cut into your workout time.

Having a water bottle handy makes staying hydrated in the gym easier. We recommend getting a refillable or reusable water bottle. It’s safer for the environment, and you can always refill it from the water fountain.

2.    Towels

You’ll surely be dripping with sweat when your workout session gets intense. You need towels in your gym bag to keep sweat at bay. Microfiber towels are the best, as they absorb more sweat and dry quickly.

You also need a towel to wipe down equipment before and after using them. You don’t want to slide off other members’ sweat on equipment while trying to work out, or vice versa. If you’re worried about germs, you may use cleansing wipes instead.

3.    Headphones

Music can help you get into the zone and make exercising more enjoyable. Whether you’re running on the treadmill or swinging a kettlebell, the right tune will keep you pumped and motivated throughout your workout.

Wireless headphones or earbuds are great for listening to your favorite jam without tangling or falling off. Oh, and it’s a cool look too. To avoid forgetting your headphones, have a dedicated gym headphone that’s always in your gym bag.

4.    Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are elastic bands that can be used for stretching and warming up your muscles before your workout session in the gym. They are great for building strength and improving your flexibility and mobility.

Resistance bands also come in handy when all the equipment in the gym are occupied. You can use it to perform a full-body workout or combine it with free weights like dumbbells for a vigorous workout session.

5.    Shower Essentials

If you’ll be showering at the gym after your workout, then shower essentials are must-have gym bag accessories. Some of the items you’ll need include a pair of slides or crocks, a washcloth, body wash, moisturizer and deodorant.

Remember to also pack an extra set of clean workout clothes or street clothes to change into after your shower, especially if you aren’t going straight home. You don’t want to be running around town stinking of workout sweat. To maximize space in your gym bag, roll the items.

Gym Workouts To Start With

Beginners often head straight to the equipment (usually the treadmill) when they arrive at the gym, so it isn’t obvious they don’t know where to begin. Try to avoid this rookie mistake. It’s normal not to know the gym workouts to start with.

The best gym workouts to start with are warm-up exercises. This will help prepare your body for the sweat-breaking workout ahead. You can perform squats, lunges and jumping jacks, or even use your resistance band to perform some warm-up exercises.

Afterward, don’t just glide from one piece of equipment to the other. Each piece of equipment in the gym is used to achieve different goals. So, do your research to learn the right equipment and workout routine to help you meet your fitness goal.

Or better still, sign up for a personal trainer who will get you started on the right workouts and guide you on your journey to getting fit. Also, keep in mind that going to the gym isn’t only for rigorous workouts. You can go to the gym for other low-impact group fitness exercises like yoga and pilates.

What Next? Register At A YouFit Gym

Now that you know what you need to get started, including your gym bag essentials, it’s time to join a gym. You can register at a YouFit Gym with a $0 enrolment fee. Just click here to join a YouFit Gym in your location.

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