Employee Education Discounts

Personal Trainer, Instructor, and SGT Discounts 

We strive to promote continuing education and your personal growth so we’ve set up these discounts to help you out. We have discounts set up for CPTs and advanced certifications/specializations. As a trainer or instructor with a valid certification, you’re also eligible to receive discounts on clothing and apparel. 

Education Discounts

NCSF – ($299 for CPT & Specializations)

$300 off the NCCA-accredited CPT which can be taken 100% in Spanish or English. This brings the cost down to $199. There is a payment plan option to start at $99 down and then pay the remaining $100 within 60 days or prior to scheduling the exam. To take advantage of the payment plan you must call in at 1-800-772-6273 (Hablan español) or if paying the full cost upfront you can register online using the code YOUFIT at https://www.ncsf.org/ or www.ncsfespanol.org

  • NCCA Accredited Spanish CPT
  • NCCA Accredited English CPT
  • Certified Strength Coach (This is a specialization NOT a CPT)
  • Sport Nutrition Specialist

ISSA – ($199 for CPT, discounts on specializations)

ISSA CPT is available for $199 paid in full. Discounts on the following specializations are also available. To take advantage of the discount follow the link: https://certifications.issaonline.com/youfit/

Step 1: Go to your custom landing page found here

Step 2: Review your updated course offerings

Step 3: When you have found the course that is right for you, copy the coupon code next to the “purchase” button 

Step 4: After you have copied the coupon code, click “Purchase”

Step 5: This will open a new page that will show the full retail price of each of your course offerings – don’t worry, this is not your final price. Find the course that you want and hit “add to cart”. This will trigger a “cart summary” page to open

Step 6: On the “Cart Summary” page, in blue font you will see “Redeem a promo code”. Enter the coupon code you copied earlier into this box and click “Submit”

Step 7: Proceed to the “Secure Checkout” button on the bottom of the page

  • Nutritionist Specialization $259.00
  • Glute Specialist $259.00
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist $259.00
  • Weight Management Specialist $189.00 

NASM (30% off)

  • Personal Training Certification
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Weight Loss Specialist
  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Group Personal Training Specialist
  • Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • AFAA Group Fitness Certification

Trainers can receive a 30% or greater discount on the approved NASM specializations. For a discount email [email protected]. Payment plans are available!

ACE (45% off certifications and 50% off specializations)

YouFit employees are eligible for discounts on ACE’s certification, ACE Specialist programs, CPR/AED training, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion courses, and first-time renewal fees. The following ACE offerings are available for this discount. Use Promo Code CLUB082022

45% off ACE Certification Programs

  • Personal Trainer Certification (Advantage, Plus, Basic)
  • Group Fitness Instructor (Advantage, Plus, Basic)
  • Health Coach (Advantage, Plus, Basic)
  • Medical Exercise Specialist (Premium, Standard)

50% off ACE Specialist Programs

  • Fitness Nutrition
  • Functional Training
  • Weight Management
  • Behavior Change
  • Senior Fitness
  • Orthopedic Exercise
  • Youth Fitness
  • Sports Performance

ACE Renewal Fees

  • $50 off ACE First Time Renewal YouFit Price $79
  • *Multiple renewals are already discounted no further discount applies

For more information or questions please email [email protected]

NCCPT (20% off)

Get 20% off the NCCPT NCCA CPT and all specialist programs using the code YOUFIT20. Before checking out, review the website to see if any bigger promotions are going on. Weight Management Specialist

  • Senior Fitness Specialist
  • Flexibility Specialist

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