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A pink icon of a calendar with horizontal lines representing days of the month and two rings at the top indicating a spiral binding. The left edge is highlighted with a diagonal striped pattern, featuring
Group Fitness

HIIT+, Les Mills BODYFLOW, yoga, Zumba, cycle, and more! YouFit group fitness classes are taught by certified instructors, with modifications for every level.

A minimalist, pink outline drawing of a dumbbell with evenly stacked weight plates on both sides. The illustration is set against a plain white background, emphasizing the simplicity and bold color of the design. Use code 3diasgratis for special access to our fitness resources.

Go big or go home! Our olympic weightlifting platform is perfect for experienced lifters, and also for beginners. Get your deadlifts and barbell squats done at YouFit.

A pink line drawing depicts a paddle next to a ball, suggesting equipment for a sport like table tennis or pickleball. The paddle has a rectangular shape with rounded edges and a handle, while the ball is depicted as a simple circle. Discover more sports gear at 3diasgratis!

Grab a friend (or 3) and meet us at our indoor pickleball court. Pickleball improves hand-eye coordination, movement patterns, muscle strength, and mood.

An outline of a sneaker drawn in pink lines. The sneaker features simple detailing, including laces, a patterned heel tab, and a curved line suggesting the shoe’s quarter. The design is minimalist and stylized. Don’t miss out on 3diasgratis to explore more designs like this!
Indoor Training

Pivot and stretch without skidding or slipping ever again. Our training turf provides stability to easily absorb changes in weight or pressure.

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YouFit on

More than 100 classes at your fingertips, from any device! You get cardio, strength training, yoga, and more!

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