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Even though everyone has unique goals, we all have one
driving purpose in common…finding the best version of ourselves.

This month, YouFit is prioritizing self care, and helping you blaze a fitness path that leaves you feeling happy & fulfilled.

Not sure where to start? Our award-winning, affordable personal training programs allow
you to design a workout program customized to your personal needs & goals.

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Ready to find your passion?
Want to take your workouts to the next level?

Take our interactive quiz and let us help your find your next fitness obsession at YouFit Gyms.

#1: Where do you feel your best when you step into YouFit?

With some weights
Running it out
Surrounded by other members
One-on-one instruction

#2: What inspires you to workout?

Hitting a personal record in the weight room
Reaching your runner’s high
Meeting fitness friends
Personalized instruction

#3:What’s in your gym bag?

Resistance bands
Yoga mat
I don’t use a gym bag!

#4: What is your fitness mantra?

More pain, more gain.
Race against the clock.
Fitness is for friends
One-on-one gets the job done

#5: What are your fitness goals this year?

Gain muscle/get stronger
Increase endurance
Make fitness friends
Achieve greater understanding of fitness

#6:What kind of fitness guru do you identify most with?

“Large and In Charge” Gym Rat
“Spirited Sprinter”
“Friendly Fitness”
“Personal Trainer Guru”

Strength Setter

Pump it up with weight training! YouFit offers olympic weightlifting platforms to optimize your lift! Whether you’re a beginner or prepping for a competition, our state-of-the-art equipment and sprawling selection of free weights are a match for you! To learn more, click here.

Cardio Connoisseur

You chase the runner’s high! YouFit offers a wide selection of cardio machines so you can run until your sole runs out! Join YouFit in racking up mileage with treadmills, stationary bikes, and much more. Click here to learn more!

Group Fitness Guru

Get fit with friends! YouFit has designed FUN workouts like HIIT classes and Playground Fit, exclusively being offered this month! Our schedule offers a wide selection of group classes like HIIT+, Cycle, Zumba, Silver Sneakers, and much more. Our new Indoor Pickleball courts guarantee to pump up your heart, and pump up your spirit! To get fit with friends, click here.

Training Trendsetter:

If you like to make fitness personal, YouFit offers one-on-one training to make sure you never miss a beat! We have formulated a variety of personal training offerings to fit your schedule and budget, so you can make the most out of how you train. To start your personal training journey, click here.

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