60 Day Fitness Challenge: Earn Money While You Work Out


YouFit follows their epic Fit Won’t Quit 90 day challenge with a fun, habit building 60 day fitness challenge – where members will earn money just for working out. 

The Earn Money While You Work Out 60 Day Check-In Challenge is the perfect way to close out 2022 and set yourself up for success in 2023. The challenge – if you choose to accept it – is to check in to YouFit for a workout at least 3x a week for 60 days and you’ll earn $1 for each workout. 

The Benefits 

This 60 day fitness challenge is simple. BUT,  if done right, members will walk away with results and extra money.  Physical results will vary by member. Some members may lose weight, others may build muscle, set a personal record,  increase their endurance, achieve their first push-up and more… but one result every member who participates will achieve is the habit of a consistent workout routine.  

By checking in 3 times a week for 60 days, during the toughest time of the year – the holidays –, each member is creating a consistent workout schedule that can be carried into 2023 and built upon to reach their ultimate fitness goals. 

As the old adage goes – CONSISTENCY IS KEY! 

The Rules

To participate in this fitness challenge and qualify for payout: 

  • You must be an active YouFit member in good standing.
  • You must enroll in the challenge by December 30th by signing up at www.youfit.com/checkinchallenge/ 
  • A minimum of 18 check-ins at YouFit Gyms are needed to qualify for any e-Gift card. A maximum of 25 check-ins will be paid out.
  • Only 1 check-in will be counted per day. Maximum of 5 check-ins per week.
  • You have 60 days from the time you enroll to hit the check-in number.

The Reward

During the challenge, members can earn a maximum of $25 which will be paid out via a gift card to their favorite store. Who doesn’t love extra shopping bucks? But, remember, the biggest reward of all will be building the habit of a consistent workout routine that you’ll need for a successful 2023. 

Sign Up for the Earn Money While You Workout Challenge 

Is this the right fitness challenge for you?

The short answer, ABSOLUTELY! 

From 75 Hard to 75 Soft Challenges, and even a 21 Day Sugar Detox, there are no shortage of challenges for you to participate in. And while YES, each of these will help you achieve results,  for the average person,  they are not always realistic and at times the results don’t always stick around long term. Challenges often require you to make immediate changes to your lifestyle and your routine in a short period of time. This short time period of extreme change often  results in a grueling unenjoyable challenge that you can’t wait to end so you can revert back to your “regular life” – or, old habits. 

YouFit’s 60 day fitness challenge is for EVERYONE!  The only ask is that members check-in for a workout approximately 3 times a week for 60 days. The goal of the challenge is to help you build a longer lasting habit of a consistent workout routine and keep you on track during the holiday season.

How to approach the 60 day fitness challenge

  • Create a Schedule and Stick to It: Predetermine what days and times you want to workout each week. Schedule your workouts in your calendar and consider these non-negotiable meetings with yourself. You wouldn’t miss a meeting at work; so, don’t miss a meeting with you. 
  • Stay Consistent: Every heard of the saying, “the hardest part is showing up.” Well, it’s TRUE! Commit to showing up at YouFit for every day scheduled in your calendar. Once you arrive, you have no choice but to check-in and workout.
  • Make It Easy: Take the guesswork out of what to do at the gym by signing up for a group fitness class or small group training class led by a personal trainer. Look at our class schedules, find a class time that works for you, then SHOW UP. The instructors and trainers will take care of the workout for you. 
  • Have Fun: Working out may be challenging but it should also be enjoyable. Consider out of the box workouts like a game or two of indoor pickleball with a friend. Indoor courts are available at participating YouFit Gyms. You’ll have fun and work up a sweat at the same time. 

Make the most out of the 60 day fitness challenge

YouFit’s 60 day fitness challenge is as simple as showing up to the gym, checking in and working out, but there are a few things you can do to  elevate your experience and achieve even more results. 

  • Focus on Your Nutrition:  YouFit  has partnered with EatLove to offer Premium+ members a customized nutrition plan accessible through the EatLove app. The app  allows you to input your current weight, goal weight, dietary preferences, and more and will output not only a nutrition plan but a customized meal plan each week. Follow the plan and you’ll start seeing results even through the holiday season. 
  • Plan Your Workouts and Track Your Progress:  Login and use the YouFit App – downloadable in the Apple Store and Google Play. It’s more than the check-in tool and is exclusively to YouFit members. In the YouFit App, members can create and elevate their workouts, track their progress (weight, blood pressure, body fat and more), book a class and more right at their fingertips. Download Your FREE Guide to the YouFit App.
  • Bring A Friend: Working out is more fun with a friend and they’ll keep you accountable. With Premium+ and Premium memberships, members can bring a friend to work out each visit, so take advantage of those member benefits. 
  • Team Up With A Personal Trainer: Now this is a game-changer! Combined with your EatLove nutrition plan, your YouFit personal trainer can help you transform in just 60 days. Plus, personal training at YouFit Gyms is affordable  – sessions start as low as $35.

Ready to participate in a challenge that will allow you to create long- lasting habits and earn cash money while you workout? Sign up for YouFit’s Earn Money While You Workout Challenge exclusive for YouFit members. 

Not a member yet? Join YouFit Gyms today or sign up for a 3 Day Free Pass! 

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